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AVANT partners with Logicworks to throw out conceal migration

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IT solutions provider AVANT Communications have entered into a strategic alliance with Logicworks to deliver cloud migration solutions. As per the terms of the partnership deal, Logicworks will be leveraging AVANT’s channel prowess to provide cloud operations and optimization services in a bid to expand gloablly.

According to Logicworks, enterprises that deploy cloud technology need guidance with respect to migration, optimization and over all operations. They say that it is this expertise that helps them reduce costs by avoiding multiple vendors at the same time, preventing situations such as vendor lock-in.

By joining hands with AVANT, Logicworks say that they will be able to leverage multiple channels and build a global brand that provides cloud services. They claim that Logicworks will be able to diversify their offerings by gaining entry into various sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, media, finance etc.

Drew Lydecker, President and co-founder of AVANT, believes that they will combine their agent channel prowess with a global network to scale Logicwork’s cloud services. He further added that Logicwork’s unique combination of maturity and innovation will help both companies scale securely, gain efficiencies and help met customers’ compliance needs.

Logicworks are excited with this partnership deal and are looking forward to working with the team at AVANT. They say that the growing adoption of AWS and Azure has allowed enterprises to leverage cloud and cut costs as much as possible.

It will be interesting to see how AVANT and Logicworks make the most of this deal, following AVANT’s partnership with Acronis for MS Office 365.

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Original source: AVANT partners with Logicworks to throw out conceal migration.

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