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What Is CloudFlare?-Mimaxx.info

Security and optimization would be the two main words we would use to explain what is CloudFlare, however, if you look a little closer you will see that this is an over-simplistic explanation. Essentially, once your website is setup with CloudFlare all the traffic is routed through their global network.  They will optimize the delivery of your website to increase ...

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What Is Cloud Hosting – a Guide-Mimaxx.info

Over the course of the last few years, cloud hosting has grown in popularity enormously. However, many people can still not answer the question “What is cloud hosting?” accurately. Cloud hosting means that the resources needed by a website are spread across numerous web servers in a variety of different locations and called upon on an as needed basis. This ...

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What is cPanel?-Mimaxx.info

cPanel is a graphical based control panel accessible via the web that many web hosting providers use to allow their users to manage their web hosting account.  It is used by millions of websites users around the world.  cPanel is one of the easiest web hosting control panels around and gives complete control over a large amount of functions, including ...

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What Is Semi-Dedicated Hosting – a Guide-Mimaxx.info

There are many different types of web hosting plans available these days.  Shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS have been the most common types of hosting.  However, a new form of hosting plan that is referred to as semi-dedicated has emerged.  You may be wondering what is semi-dedicated hosting and why it is becoming so popular. What Is Semi-Dedicated Hosting ...

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What is CDN? A Guide-Mimaxx.info

What is CDN? A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. A growing number of webmasters are using CDNs to speed up their websites, improve the stability of their servers, and help to reduce the bandwidth consumption and resource requirements of their websites. Until recently, CDNs were something that only large, well known websites made use of, but today there are ...

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How to get your site Online in Minutes if your Web Host goes Down-Mimaxx.info

We thought you would like to hear about a little trick we discovered when dealing with one of our other project sites. When we test different web hosting providers we like to use an active site.  Nothing too important, but important enough that should it go down we would not be happy… at all.  So this article tells you a ...

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What is OpenStack?-Mimaxx.info

So what is Openstack? OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform for the Cloud that is being developed by a global collaboration of developers, and some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting.  The aim is to deliver solutions for all types of Clouds allowing easy implementation, great functionality as well as being scalable.  It is considered ...

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What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?-Mimaxx.info

Dedicated hosting has a reputation as being incredibly expensive, and something that only larger businesses can afford. Whilst this can be true, it is not necessarily the case and over the course of this article “What is Dedicated Server Hosting?” we shall explore what dedicated hosting is, as well as some of the different options and pricing as well. What ...

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Prestashop Vs Magento Vs Opencart Infographic-Mimaxx.info

Whilst the data is around 6 months old, the information revealed by this infographic is really quite interesting with it containing a very useful comparison of the various features, and number of extensions plugins, among other things.   The infographic was created by Boney Pandya for Web Net Hosting and we applaud him for doing such a great job. The infographic ...

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