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Top 5 Common Link Building Mistakes that Affect the Sri Frederick Handley Page Ranking

When building links for your site online, you may make one or two mistakes that may end up hurting your blog instead of building it. It is important that you learn the harm that some of the simple mistakes have on your site and how you can remedy them if you need to succeed online. If you pay someone to build links for your site, ensure they do not make any of these mistakes.

Building quality links are one of the methods for upping the traffic of your site. This is why there are so many link building strategies online. However, you need to note that the wrong use of links yields negative or no results for your site popularity. Therefore, simply stay avoid of these mistakes as listed in the following.

Buy Links

Buy LinksBuying links have come handy in the link building process for many webmasters. Through this way, however, your risk of being penalized by Google can increase significantly. In this case, the links that you buy are of no importance to your site.

The traffic that comes through paid link can be of low quality as compared to the traffic you get through natural linking, and thus you get little or nothing from these links.

Use Only One Anchor Text

The use of anchor text is important when you are building backlinks especially the inbound links. This is the text that tells the search engine what the content on the link is about, and thus having as many anchor texts as possible is good for your traffic.

You have to note that having many links with the same anchor text may be taken as spam and may hurt your site traffic even more. The use of too many similar anchor texts may lead to the loss of traffic and also the penalization from Google.

When writing anchor texts, you need to avoid using terms as “view more” or “click here” as it sounds so artificial. Use an anchor text that relates to the site that you are linking to, and these words should be unique and natural.

There are tools that you can use to analyze your anchor texts online, and know how they are helping your site. They ate including Majestic SEO, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, Cognitive SEO, Open Site Explorer and SEO SpyGlass.

Link From Restricted Sites

Restricted SitesIf a site is not indexed by Google, it can be futile building your link with this site. Building your link from this site may force Google to penalize you that can hurt your site instead of building it. You should thus ensure that the site you link from has been indexed by Google and other main search engines.

SiteMap Generator is a great tool if you want to verify that the site has been indexed by Google. Open Google Site Map Generator and paste the URL of the site you want to link with. If Google gives you the link of the site, then it is indexed and fit for your link building strategy.

Place Your Links on the Blogs with Many Other Links

All the bloggers want their blog sites to be on top and to have a high traffic through link building. Most site owners thus use some great plugins as CommentLuv that puts the links at the end of the comment section.

However, it is not wise to place your link on a website that comes with a bunch of other links. If the site has more than 1000 links then, people may not get the time to read your comment and visit your blog.

To evade these link building mistakes, give your links to sites that have less than 1000 links. Ensure that your comment is valued, and there is an interaction between you and the peer blog owners.

Use Image Links with No ALT Text

ALT TextSome bloggers prefer the use of image links in place of text links. You may just ignore or forget to write ALT Text, and this is lethal for your link building process. This mistake is very common with many people.

The alternative text conveys the message you want to pass to your readers and is accessible on search engines. If you use an image without an alternative text, it remains inaccessible in the web. The intended message is thus not communicated to search engines to figure out whether the pictures are content related or not, bringing in no benefits for website traffic.

While using an image link, always ensure that there is an alternative text that is succinct. The text should not be redundant or be a long phrase. The text also needs to describe the images well.

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