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The Top 5 Link Building Strategies for SEO – Using Internal/External Links Properly

The link can be regarded as a road between different webpages when search robots are crawling the Internet. The internal links can show the tightness within your website while the external links can demonstrate the popularity of your site according to the number of sites or pages that are linking to you.

In fact, search engine optimization is not all about the links, but without doubt, this linking factor attributes a lot for the ranking algorism of search engines. In this case, we’d like to list some of the most useful strategies of link building for SEO.

Inserting the Links Naturally

No matter what kind of links you are going to put into your webpage, you have to make this process as nature as possible. This is because neither readers nor searching spiders like the tough writing that aims at SEO deliberately. Note that only when your blog posts really have something related to your other articles or the posts published in the outside site, can you add the links. For instance, this link tutorial is part of our SEO series, and we have put an internal link in the words of SEO series.

Here, we need to emphasize that if you insert an external link, then you need to add the attributes of rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”.

Attaching Images with Links

imagesPeople often turn their textual content into a link, but few of them know that the graphical element is also a great option for placing the links. There is a common sense that search engines cannot read images. With the link attached, however, searching robots can know your relevancy with other posts in your site or with other websites.

For online money makers, putting the affiliate links on the corresponding images can increase their chances for profit growing. If you are simply a small blogger, then attaching images with links to some popular image sites like Pinterest or Google Image is better for search engine optimization.

Optimizing the Internal Links

internal linksWe pay attention to the ranking algorithm of Google constantly, and optimize our site to adapt to the changes. As we found recently, Google and many other main search engines are focusing on reading experiences. This means if you want to rank highly in the search result page, then you have to guarantee a perfect reading for your visitors. In this case, the proper utilization of internal links is essential.

When people enter your webpage, you have to try your best to attract them, helping them find what they want easily and quickly. This principle requires you to enter the internal links carefully, inducing people to browse your site continuously. To do this, you can ask yourself two questions before adding an internal link.

Will you click this link?

You have to make sure that every link appeared in your webpage is worth clicking, especially for internal link. Besides, the link has to be highly related to the webpage they are browsing, increasing their chances to click the link greatly.

Can you find this link?

Generally, people browse the webpage quickly to figure out what they want. Thus, if you cannot highlight the existence of the internal links with the proper placement, then people are very likely to ignore your efforts.

Optimize the External Links

External LinksThe external link of a website is simply like the friend of a person, affecting your online weights directly. The higher the weight is, the more traffic you can get. Generally, there are 3 common methods to add the external links.

  • You can go for your peer blogs or online partners to exchange the external links, meaning that you add their links to your site and they show your links in their websites. You can check your website keyword in Google, and view the website that is ranked at the top of the result page as your target.
  • You can also create a lot of high quality sponsored posts with your link attached naturally, and try to publish these articles to some popular and large website.
  • As the comment section is the integral part of the majority of websites, you can leave some quality comments at the large website with your link attached. Note that the words you have left need to be meaningful and useful, otherwise you may be viewed as a comment spammer.

Never Overuse Links

You can get a good result if you use the SEO tricks moderately. Previously in the keyword utilization tutorial, we have already mentioned that the overuse of the SEO method can affect your site negatively as search engines may penalize you by lowering your ranking or even blocking your website. Similarly, the overuse of links can also cause search engine penalties. Always remember that the best way to maximize the function of link is not to focus on the quantity, but the quality.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”
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All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

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