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The c. h. best Website Link Checkers to Test Your Site for Broken and Insecure Links

The link can play an essential part for your blog posts as it can enrich your content by attaching the words from some other articles. As search engines view reading experience greatly nowadays, the utilization of links can guarantee your readers a smooth and coherent reading, thus benefit the search rankings significantly.

As many webmasters now include links in their posts, we have already shared some link building strategies previously, and this post is for link checking. Sometimes, you may add some broken links or insecure links to your webpages carelessly and unintentionally. This can affect the SEO and your online reputation, and can cause some security issues to your site. In this case, we have listed the useful link tools in the following. With the website link checker, you can ensure the accessibility and security of the links easily.

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W3C Link Checker

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W3C Link CheckerThis is a powerful and popular link checker available on the web, processing the checking thing comprehensively and in-depth. You only need to enter the URL of your target website or webpage and click the Check button. Then, this tool can check for you quickly. After the checking is completed, you can see the status of how many components are checked and how long the whole process takes. In the result section, you can be notified about which link is broken, what is the error type, and what to do for the resolutions. Even, you can decide whether to show the summary only, whether to hide redirects, whether to send the accept-language header and referrer header, and whether to check the linked documents based on your needs.

Broken Link Check

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Broken Link CheckThis is an online broken link checker that is easy-to-use and free of charge. After entering the URL you want to check, entering the security code that can change randomly, and clicking the Find Broken Link Now button, you can have the link checked automatically and stop the checking at any time you want. According to the result, you can know how many webpages are checked and how many broken links are found along with where they are found.

Next to the URLs that include broken links, you can notice a SRC section. Simply click it to know where these found links are located within your webpages.

Online Website Link Checker

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Online Website Link CheckerThis link checker allows you to check the links added on your website based on your needs totally. You can decide the checking depth from level one to level three. The default depth value is one, which only checks the links on your source page. The level two can check all the links within the target domain while the level three checks the links that are related to the pages of level two.

Also, you can decide the checking range between the whole domain checking and the specific URL checking. If you website is so large that may take a long time to finish crawling, you can even decide the maximum number of checking pages.

Dead Link Checker

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Dead Link CheckerThis is another reliable link checker helping you identify any bad links within your website easily and quickly. It does not require you to download this tool, and you only need to enter website name or site URL on the webpage for checking. The total numbers of checked links can be displayed clearly, along with how many of them are bad and how many are good. For the bad ones, you can go for the source pages simply by clicking the source links that are presented in the result page.

In terms of the scanning type, you can decide between the full scan and the quick scan. The former type can check all the links on the whole site while the latter one simply checks the links on a single webpage that is specified by you.

Web Link Validator

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Web Link ValidatorThis tool can be regarded as an online link doctor that checks the link errors comprehensively. It has the ability to check for more than one million links that are directing to both local files and external resources. This means it can meet your needs perfectly no matter how large and complicated your site is. Besides, the checking results are pretty thorough that shows all the information needed, such as the link error, source URL, and comment.

Dr.Link Check

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Dr.Link CheckAs compared with other tools listed in this page, one of the largest highlights of this link checker is that it can finish the process in a super fast way, and present the result in a well-organized manner. By default, it showcases all the links on your website, but you can choose to only show the broken links, the internal links, or the external links. In terms of the result section, you can know where the dead links come from clearly.

Check My Links

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Check My LinksThis is a free Google app that can be found in Google Stores. This checker simply goes through your whole site automatically and figures out the broken ones with the best efficiency. To notify you effectively, this tool highlights the valid links and the bad links with different colors respectively. To be honest, this link checker can be regarded as a great Google extension.

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