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How to Add Google Plus Button to Website – Easy Steps for Button Integration

Google Plus, as a great social media platform, can be used to great advantage in promoting a website or business. It is a place where you can interact with the people all around the world. Due to this popularity, we have come out some related tutorials in this page, such as creating a Google Plus page. In fact, adding the button of Google Plus also achieves an amazing benefit for webmasters. This button is available totally free, and it can be got easily as well. However, to add Google Plus button to the websites built using WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, some key steps are essential. Let’s see the steps in the next few paragraphs.

Adding Google Plus Button to WordPress

Adding the Google Plus button requires some steps that are important to be followed. The buttons which you can include on your site include share, +1, follow and hangout. The two steps involved for adding Google Plus button to WordPress sites are as under:

Adding of JavaScript Line

The first step used for adding the Google Plus button is called the adding of JavaScript lines. The adding of such lines is normally done at the theme files. The syntax used for adding it to the site is

Javascript code

And it needs to be used in the main website. It works fine. There is the general syntax for accomplishing this step. Knowing in detail about the snippet of theme files is important. After pasting the generalized syntax, go to the WordPress dashboard > Appearance section and from there select the option of “Editor.” Now, from the template listing, search for the “footer.php” file. After finding, paste it to the line of JavaScript.

Adding the Google Plus Button to the Sidebar

The next step used to add Google Plus button to the website is adding it to the sidebar. After adding the snippet of JavaScript, webmasters are required to paste a simple code that can be got at this page at the sidebar where they want the button to appear. You can configure the size of the button as the image showed in below, and other such advanced technical options are also available. Then, the widget of “Text” is required to be dragged to the location where you want it to be placed. The option is available from WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Widgets section. The addition of header is a choice and is not necessary. The steps for adding the other buttons like share, hangout and follow are similar.

customize code

Adding Google Plus Button to Joomla Websites

Like WordPress websites, Joomla websites also require different steps to be followed for the adding of Google Plus share, +1 and hangout buttons. Most often some plugins or widgets are used to add a Google Plus button to Joomla websites. Two of the popular widgets are mentioned below:

Easy Google Plus

Download This Plugin

Easy Google PlusThis widget is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. It is available in up to nine styles to suit the needs of the webmasters. The Easy Google Plus has both plugins and modules available in its package for ease of usage. The Google Plus button is available in various styles ranging from a standard button to a medium or tall button. Very easy to use, it comes with a manual as well.

Google Plus Widget Slider

Download This Plugin

Google Plus Widget SliderThe Google Plus Widget Slider is a free module that can help you get a custom Google Plus button on your website. It can be downloaded and installed in only a couple of minutes. With some awesome features, this widget has been quite popular since the time of its release in July 2013.

  1. The Slider feature is unique and saves a lot of spaces on your website.
  2. Customer support is provided up to six months since the download of this widget.
  3. Google Plus Widget Slider is available in a multiple of languages making it a preferred choice for a number of nationalities.
  4. It has a user-help documentation which makes it easy to install and use.

So if you are looking for taking your website to the next level using the Google Plus button, this is one of the very apt widgets for you.

Adding Google+ Button to Drupal Website

The steps used for adding Google Plus button to Drupal based website takes a lot of coding and customization to be done. But if you are looking for a solution out of the box, the Google+ Badge Module is the right thing for you. As there is no need to copy, paste or do any coding, this module is extremely easy to use on your website. The Google Plus button is added as a block with no need for any extra troubles. As many as 6k websites use this module with great success, and your website could be one of them too.


The above mentioned steps and widgets can help webmasters add the Google Plus button including share, hangout and follow buttons to their respective websites built using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal easily.

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