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WordCamp London 2015 – We will be there!-Mimaxx news

Wordcamp londonWordcamp london

That is right,… thanks to a ticket from SiteGround we will be attending WordCamp London 2015.  Wordcamp London is a three day conference being held at the London Metropolitan University.  The first 2 days consist of the main conference, and the third is a contributor day.  We will be attending on Day 1, including the after party (free food!), and will most likely make a few posts on some of the more interesting talks.

Tickets _ WordCamp LondonTickets _ WordCamp LondonAs of now, it would appear that all the standard tickets have been sold out.  However, if you are willing to pay a little more (£100) and be a Microsponsor you can still grab a ticket and attend.  This is looking to be a fantastic WordCamp, full of excellent talks so even £100 is still great value if you want to attend.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you will be in for a real treat.  Unlike most WordCamps, this one is jam packed with a choice of 16 talks in each of three separate tracks over 2 days.  This is double the amount contained in the last WordCamp London, which we also attended, again thanks to SiteGround.

The Wordcamp Schedule

Due to the sheer number of talks this year, we cannot really summarize them all (see full schedule here), but instead we will highlight half a dozen of the talks we are most eager to see (and indeed that we will be attending).  Of course, if you cannot attend, don’t worry… all the talks will appear on WordPress TV after the event.


The Basics of Unique Theme Development

Samatha millerSamatha millerThis talk by Samantha Miller is aimed at people who wish to create a one-off theme for a single website, whether it be a personal blog or client site, as opposed to building the theme for distribution.

Samantha is a front-end and WordPress developer based in Leeds, and has been making WordPress websites since 2008.She originally gave this same talk in WordCamp Manchester last year, so the talk should be pretty interesting, and hopefully well rehearsed!

Definitely a talk we are looking forward to.


Building Themes with the REST API

Jack Lenox wordcamp londonJack Lenox wordcamp londonThis is quite an interesting talk by Jack Lenox about how to build themes using the REST API, which is shortly due to be merged into the WordPress core.  This talk focusses on Javascript and related libraries and how they can be combined with the REST API.  The talk appears to involve the building of an example theme, which will be available on GitHub after the event.  This should be an interesting eye opener for those unfamiliar with this concept.

Jack Lenox is a Designer Engineer on the theme generation team at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.


A Web Designer’s Law Update 2015

heather burns wordcampheather burns wordcampThis is probably the one talk we will really learn something from, and relates to legal issues (UK law) which can effect you, whether you are a developer, designer, blogger or just a business owner.  As the writer has a legal background (having been a commercial property lawyer for a number of years), this is of particular interest to us.  The talk will cover UK, EU and other global issues relating to VAT, copyright, online privacy, e-commerce and data protection.  There will also be a look at the widening divide between the community and lawmakers and what the community can do to help.

Heather Burns is a web designer based in Glasgow, Scotlan, and has been designing websites since 1997, and WordPress sites since 2008.  She is currently enrolled in the postgraduate programme in Internet Law and Policy at the University of Strathclyde.


Easy, Lazy SEO

jessica rose wordcampjessica rose wordcampFor those unfamiliar with the basic concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this talk by Jessica Rose looks to be a great primer.  Not only will it cover how to optimize your WordPress site, it will look at various SEO concepts as well as the dangers of over optimization (in particular the penalties that can result).  This is a must see talk for anyone attending WordCamp London and who is unfamiliar with SEO.

Jessica Rose is a self taught programmer, and tech enthusiast.  Her focus includes SEO, community education, technical writing and planning hacks (i.e. hackathons).  She is prominent figure in the transgender community bringing (in cooperation with others) transcode.org and blogs at closetoclever.com.


How to Craft Attention-Grabbing Titles for Your Blog

suekeoghsuekeoghThis talk by Sue Keogh could be quite interesting, and could result in some useful takeaways to help with your own blog writing.  Hopefully it will be a little more than “10 Blog Titles You Just Wouldn’t Believe”, even though they are supposed to be quite effective in style.  With the title being a key difference in people clicking to read your post and passing it up, getting a list of best practices as well as some tips and tricks is always useful.

Sue runs Sookio, a Cambridge based business offering copywriting, web content and social media services to small business as well as large brands such as Toshiba, University of Cambridge and Gov.uk.  She also runs regular workshops on writing for the web and social media.


Implementing Email Marketing on your WordPress Site

becs rivett wordcampbecs rivett wordcampThis talk by Becs Rivett will be quite interesting.  We have never really got to grips with email marketing ourselves, but then we hate those pop-ups that see after 5 seconds asking you to sign up for mailing lists.  This talk will certainly be of interest to us, and is said to contain information on what tools to use, content considerations and best practices for sign up forms.

Becs is an email marketer who works for MailPoet as their marketing manager.  She also provides consultancy to small business who need help with email marketing.

See you there!

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