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Mimaxx – Bluehost India Review and Coupon Codes

Bluehost India Review and Coupon Codes

If you are an Indian internet user, you would have noticed that you get redirected to a different sub-domain when you visit homepage of Bluehost Hosting Services, which is an international service provider of various kinds hosting plans. The reasons is that, due to many problems that Indian users have been facing — when it comes to the case of payment, for instance —, Bluehost has started an exclusive version of their services for Indian users. Of course, it is natural to be a bit dubious about choosing between Bluehost India and Bluehost US, and that is why I have decided to come up with Bluehost India Review, in which we would go deep-enough to get the crux of things.

Bluehost India Review

Bluehost India Coupon Codes

Bluehost India Discount Coupon Pricing: Pricing plans of Bluehost India is quite reasonable, I would say! Even when you are not using Bluehost India coupons, you would think that Bluehost India is one of the best choices you can make when you need a reliable web server. To analyse the pricing aspect, however, we can take the case of shared hosting that is known literally as the web hosting, especially among newbies and all.

In Linux shared web hosting, the basic plan is available for 279 per month and it offers unlimited space for storage and unlimited bandwidth but is limited to single domain. If you are okay to pay 309 monthly, you can host up to three domains and there are unlimited disk space and bandwidth for that matter. Also, the third plan lets you host unlimited domains, and it’s available for a monthly charge of 449. It has to be noted that we are talking about Indian server hosting of Bluehost India Hosting.

Bluehost India Plans

Nevertheless, you have to note that Bluehost India does give you an option to use some of the best Bluehost India coupons, which is a way-too-impressive option to get a notable discount out of it. Even in normal cases, a Bluehost India coupon gives you a discount of 22%. This 22% discount is indeed a big deal when you are purchasing that product for a longer period of time. You can choose the coupon I have given below to get a notable amount off your order. Does not that sound great? Also if you are looking for Bluehost.com coupon codes then visit this page.

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Bluehost India — an Overview and History

As in the case of Bluehost International, Bluehost India is owned by Endurance International Group, which is also the owner of a number of web-hosting providers out there, including HostGator, A Small Orange and ResellerClub. Out of these, ResellerClub may be a bit more familiar for Indian bloggers and professionals. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has been one of the popular providers of reseller hosting as well as related services. What has to be noted here is that Bluehost India is not an actual replica of Bluehost US. As opposed to it, Endurance International Group has made use of its own product — ResellerClub — to bring a set of web hosting services to the Indian webmaster community. Thus, in the long run, you can expect a satisfactory service you used to get from ResellerClub, which is a part of the same firm. In short, you get all the servers and technical section ready from ResellerClub India, but do not worry about the quality, as both are from Endurance International Group, which is literally the web-hosting conglomerate.

Features Worth Noting

Of course, there will be a huge number of features you can expect from Bluehost India! One of the set of features is the simplicity Bluehost keeps in the whole scenario of web hosting. In the Bluehost India review, it is necessary to point out the step the firm has taken to bring enhanced performance. For instance, all the plans of Bluehost India Hosting gives you high performance servers and the support for Global CDN, hence helping you to serve people from different spaces in the most equal and satisfactory manner. The firm has made use of cPanel with all the simplicity you can expect, in such a way that you would love to manage all your sites or blogs with ease. Also, the ease of installing blogging platforms and CMSs makes more than enough sense, while its in-depth programming support is a feature I should never forget to mention. In short, I would say that the Features aspect of Bluehost is impressive.

Pros and Cons — Bluehost India Hosting

In this review of Bluehost India, I have found some pros and cons of the service, which are as follows.

Pros of Bluehost India

  • Payment is done in India currency and almost every payment method works fine.
  • You get better support options, thanks for being in your own country.
  • Way too affordable in terms of plan.
  • Local (hence better) support.
  • Lesser latency.

Cons of Bluehost India

  • The control panel isn’t that intuitive.
Visit Bluehost India Website!

Bluehost India Review — Summing Up

Of course, we found a lot of reasons to love Bluehost India Hosting; for example, we have to note Bluehost India coupon codes that are way too helpful in the long run. Also, when you move on with the exclusive Indian version, you get a bit more reliable payment methods. In short, considering all these, Bluehost India is a good-to-go web-hosting solution, I bet.

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